Receipts and Notifications

A.     SMS

  1. Receive Instant update from Tupay’s own shortcode  or participating merchant’s shortcode

B.      Transaction Receipt

  1. Go to Reports and select respective transaction
  1. A detailed Transaction receipt will be displayed. The details can be printed for filing by selecting the link in the receipt to download in PDF format

C.      App Notifications

  1. On payment, a notification is sent to the Tupay app which the user can access via their phone or on notification icon at the top right most part of the app.

D.     Email

  1. Air tickets are delivered via an email sent from Tupay


Why use Tupay services?


  1. No charges in the app for any airtime purchase up to 70,000 Kes
  2. Pay to any Telco from any Mpesa or Equitel
  3. Instant notifications
  4. Beneficiary management: Select beneficiary from phone book
  5. Alternative pay via Paybill 737373 for:  ease, in case you do not have data bundles, feature phone users, in case you do not have Tupay app installed etc.


  1. No charges in the app for any KPLC Prepaid Token purchase or KPLC Postpaid bill payment up to 70,000 Kes
  2. Verify KPLC Prepaid Token meter number
  3. Display KPLC Postpaid balance
  4. Auto save KPLC Prepaid meter number and KPLC Postpaid Meter/Account number. You can easily delete any auto-saved meter number in case you have a new one.
  5. Instant notifications
  6. Alternative pay via Paybill 737373 for:  ease, in case you do not have data bundles, feature phone users, in case you do not have Tupay app installed etc.
  7. Subscription – We will also notify you of your KPLC Postpaid bill when it is due.

C.      NHIF

  1. Reduced charges in the app for payment for NHIF Individual member or NHIF Corporate E-Slip
  2. Verify NHIF Individual member number
  3. Display NHIF Corporate Eslip balance
  4. Auto save NHIF Individual member number
  5. Instant notifications and transaction receipt. Ability to download receipt in PDF and print for filing.


  1. Restaurants – Discover restaurants that are near to you based on your location or search based on cuisine by utilizing the EatOut service
  2. Flights – Discover the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world i.e. over 3,200 destinations and book from your preferred flight though your favorite airline and pay directly from Mpesa
  3. Hotels – Book and stay at the best Hotels across the globe through Tupay’s service
  4. Crowd funding – Contribute to a cause of your preference and help give back to the community.


  1. Send Money – Enjoy our send money service by conveniently sending money to any mobile wallet i.e. Mpesa, Equitel or Airtel money. You can also send to over 30 banks via Pesalink service. Tupay has enabled Mobile money interoperability.
  2. TV – Pay for your favourite subscription based TV service via Tupay. You can pay for your DSTv, GOTv and Startimes directly via Mpesa or Equitel.
  3. Water – Pay to regional Water companies where settlement is facilitated via our integration with Equity.
  4. Eazzy Paybill and Till – Pay to any Eazzy Paybill or Till directly from Mpesa or Eazzypay.  Settlement to the merchant accounts will be handled by Equity Bank.

Service Store

A.     Introduction

Service store: The Service store acts like an app store but the distinction is that its an aggregated platform that hosts services.

Benefits: This feature enables merchants to enjoy the following:

  1. Saves merchants the time and cost they would have incurred in building their own apps,
  2. Incorporate In App payment methods quickly
  3. Market their services in the app quickly and enjoy cross sell benefits from other related services
  4. Reduce costs in customer support and retention
  5. Access real time transaction reports
  6. Easy to reconcile payments as they are paid in real time to unique customer payment numbers and unique transaction reference numbers are generated for reconciliation

B.      How it Works

Consumers: This feature enables consumers to do the following:

  1. Add or remove preferred services from the main PAY app page.
  2. Discover new services that they pay for and that they need to be added

Merchants: Merchants can be easily on boarded in the app as follows:

  1. Send a request email to
  2. Application forms will be availed
  3. Merchant to avail API’s for integration to their system

C.      Industries

  1. The aggregated platform is applicable to any business that does collection i.e. where consumers pay or purchase something for example:
    1. Housing: Rent Collection, Service charges
    2. Utilities: Water Companies, Garbage collectors, Internet companies
    3. Religious: Churches, Mosques, NGOs
    4. Education: Secondary, Private, Colleges, Universities, Nursery school, International Schools
    5. Health: Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics
    6. Transport: Airlines, Bus Companies, Parking bays, Mechanics, Spare parts shops
    7. Retail: Supermarkets, Shops, Salons, Barber shops, Exhibitions, Petrol stations, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Hardware shops, Dry Cleaners
    8. Finance: Investment Companies, Sacco’s, Microfinance, Insurance companies, Loan apps, Chama’s, Banks
    9. Professionals (Fees): Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Valuers, Surveyors, Consultants
    10. Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, Gym, Golf clubs, social clubs, Event organizers, Tour companies, Spas
    11. Government: County Government, License fees, Levy
    12. Agriculture: Agro chemists, Groceries
  1. The merchant can either fall under the following categories:
    1. Billing system with API – Integration happens right away
    2. Billing system with no API – Support in building an API
    3. No Billing system – Avail a billing system with API

Secure and Reliable

A.     Mpesa STK Push

  1. The pop up page best known as STK (SIM Toolkit) Push is a secure way availed by M-Pesa in order to enable a customer to securely enter PIN on their SIM for transaction authorization without leaving the app.
  2. This feature is available for only 4G and above SIM Cards.

B.      Eazzypay USSD Push

  1. The pop up page best known as USSD (Unstructured Data) Push is a secure way availed by Equitel in order to enable a customer to securely enter PIN on their Phone for transaction authorization without leaving the app

C.      Data Security

  1. All your data is stored and transmitted securely in an encrypted data.

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