Answer: Tupay is a one-stop shop payments platform that enables users pay for their everyday payments in an easy, secure and reliable way. Customers can pay directly from their mobile money wallets or linked cards. The service is/will be available on various mobile touchpoints such as apps, Mobile STK, USSD, chat and banking apps.

Answer: Tupay does not have a wallet and does not store customer funds. Users activate on Tupay with their respective phone numbers registered on mobile money or linked to card profile after which they are able to pay securely and directly from their mobile money wallet  or linked cards inside Tupay.

Answer: Tupay is an appointed agent/ sub-agent of the services and earns commission from the merchants, which is sufficient to cover the transaction costs of mobile money.

Answer: The app is only available to select countries only.  Duly ensure your email is registered within a country where the app has being availed in order to be able to download it.


Answer: You can clear the cache of the most common used apps such as browsers and social media apps. Go to Settings, select Apps and then select the app you want to clear cache. Go to Storage and select Clear Cache. Note DO NOT clear User data as it will revert the app back to its default settings.


Answer: Please try again and ensure that you avail a valid mobile number that has being set in the mobile phone where the Tupay app is installed. The app will automatically pick up the OTP (One Time Password) for authentication.


Answer: Retry attempts is limited to 10 after which the user is temporarily unable to authenticate until 24 hours are over. Please retry after 24 hours with a valid mobile number and on the mobile phone where the app is installed.


Answer: You can register using the mobile number that has being activated for use with your preferred mobile payment method, for example, if you have a Safaricom line and Airtel line and you want to use Mpesa to pay, please register with the Safaricom line.


Answer: Yes, you can register both mobile numbers. Tupay will create a profile for each mobile number, however only one will be active at any particular time. To use the other mobile number, you will need to logout and login again with the other mobile number in order to be able to access its profile and pay with it.


Answer: It is as easy as ABC. A – Access preferred service, B – Buy by entering payment details, C – Checkout with your preferred payment method.

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