Tupay is your one stop shop payment platform. We enable you and power you to make everyday purchases in an easy, convenient and secure manner. Enjoy the exciting experience of paying seamlessly and In-app from anywhere your money is whether it is mobile money, a card or bank without the need to transfer it around various wallets thus incurring expensive fees. Each service has being custom-designed to ensure the users enjoy the best experience when making purchases by incorporating features such as pre-verification of payment details, presentment of due balance and auto-saving of biller numbers just to ensure that next time you make a purchase, the process is even more simpler. In abiding by our commitment to be transparent, we have no hidden charges and where applicable, service charges are displayed to the consumer for their consent before making a purchase. You can also enjoy our flagship services, which are zero-rated.

You can also enjoy our flagship services, which are zero-rated. Upon making a purchase, you will be issued with an app notification, a transaction receipt and/or SMS notification for future reference. We love your feedback and you can reach to us via our social media handles @tupaystyle on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Do you own a business, rental unit or a service and you want to collect money across all platforms i.e. mobile money, bank or cards through Tupay? Reach out to us via our email support@allpremium.co.ke. We will be happy to hear your proposition, design and develop a solution for you at no cost at all whether you have an existing system or need one.

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