A.     Activate on Tupay

  1. Downloadthe Tupay App: http://bit.ly/tupay-app
  2. Activate using your M-PESA registered mobile number

B.      Benefits:

  1. Instant Payment notification via SMS from Kenya Power.
  2. Zero charges for any amount paid via Mpesa between 10 Kes — 70,000 Kes .
  3. Hakikisha KPLC Postpaid Number and display Meter owner and due balance.
  4. AutoSaves KPLC Postpaid Meter Number.

C.      Pay for KPLC Postpaid from Mpesa

  1. Step 1 of 3: SERVICE SELECTION
    • Go to Electricity  > Select Postpaid
  1. Enter KPLC Postpaid Meter or Account number.
  2. Enter Amountand select Pay.
  1. Step 3 of 3: PAY
  1. Select the preferred mode of paymente. Mpesa.
  2. Verify beneficiary details and Pay securely via M-PESA STK PUSH
  3. KPLC Postpaid Meter/Account Number will be Auto-Saved, so that you do not need to remember next time you are making a payment
  1. Receipt
  • On payment, Confirmation SMS is sent from Tupay and Kenya Power
  • notificationis also sent to the app.
  • The transaction receipt is accessible via reports tab and contains the receipt number.
    • Click on the respective KPLC Postpaid transaction receiptto view its details

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